Decking, Fencing & Pagodas


Decking by P & Sees Landscape Gardeners

Let P & Sees transform your garden with our range of Decking, Fencing & Pagodas. Have decking installed at your home to create a garden that is beautiful and stylish. Perfect for placing tables, chairs, sofas and plants. Decking can be designed in a variety of styles with different types of wood, in a way that is entirely unique to your home.

Garden Fences

Fencing by P & Sees Landscape Gardeners

Residential fences come in many different designs. Timber fencing’s natural look blends well with any type of structure making it a versatile choice for your property. With many different designs of garden fencing from traditional to modern.  P & Sees will make sure that you find a garden fence suitable for your home.


P & Sees offer a range of garden pagodas, arches and structures, in a wide variety of materials. Why not discuss your ideas with us, we can help create a unique feature for your garden.