The lawn is often the centre piece of any garden, but unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult areas to keep looking good. Maintaining a lawn can be hard work. Whether you are looking for a patch repair or a full lawn, P & Sees Landscape Gardeners have the answer. Starting with the proper preparation of the soil before the turf is laid, and using only the best quality turf, you can rest assured that the finished lawn will give you years of enjoyment.

Artificial Turfing

One of the great benefits of having an artificial lawn, is the low amount of work needed to maintain it. No more weeding, trimming and mowing. To keep the turf fibres feeling lush, and bouncy all you need to do is brush it occasionally. Our artificial lawns  are perfectly safe for kids and pets. The kids can continue to play ball games and dogs can roll and run-around without turning your garden into a mudbath!



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